FinTech Native App: iOS and Android

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About this Native App

An app capable of providing investors a quick, simple, stressless entry into the investment market. Users are educated on how investments of small sums can positively impact their financial goals in the future. Our users are taught to turn their morning coffees into millions!

Development Process

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The Problem

  • Young investors believe they don’t have enough cash to begin the investment process.
  • People delay investment.
  • Talking about money and finance often causes stress to users who have little knowledge on how to plan for their financial future.

The Solution

  • Educate users on how compound interest is the first step to building wealth.
  • Motivate users to invest regularly, even if it is with small micro-investments.
  • Empower users to have the confidence to change their financial future.
  • Provide immediate feedback on the impact of an investment and its possibilities for the future.

The Competition

Many investment apps are geared toward long-term investment strategies:

  • Stash,
  • Acorns, and
  • RobinHood.

Why BeanBroker is Unique

  • Onboarding to personalize savings goals of user.
  • Ability to choose micro-investments to incentivize regular, recurring investments.
  • Each investment provides a graph of data showing compound interest for 10-year increments.
  • User chooses personal risk tolerance and then data charts their potential gains for recurring purchases.
  • Personalized with incentive and supportive commentary to support its use on a daily basis.
  • Social aspect of app allows users to set goals and complete with their friends.

User Journeys


“I use this app regularly. Look how easy it is to make an investment into myself! As easy as paying for a cup of coffee, I can pay myself that same amount in a couple of clicks and see what my weekly activity is."


“I heard this was a great app to quickly invest micro-amounts of money. I have $5 so let’s get right to it!”


“I am not sure what risk tolerance means; with $5, does it matter? I want to see a chart showing the growth of a small investment—maybe with a small amount of cash I would be willing to be more risky.”

User Flows

user flow

Low-Fidelity Sketches

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Mid-Fidelity Wireframes iOS

mid fidelity wireframes iOS

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes Android

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Design Process

Color Palette

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Emotional Impact of Feedback

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The Product

How Does It Work?

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Final Screens

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Why is this built as a Native App?

This product is best-suited for development as a native app due to

  1. Discoverability through iOS and Android app stores
  2. Faster performance and better functionality
  3. Security of user content which is essential due to the financial industry